server administration

In small to large companies, a separate server is not to be imagined, you can conclude a maintenance contract with us, so that your entire IT infrastructure is maintained by remote maintenance or, if necessary, on site.

We offer Windows or Linux server operating systems, databases, storage systems, web and mail servers, music servers, backup systems and security solutions, let us advise you.

network technology

Whether in the private sector or in the company, a stable network is the foundation for efficient work. Due to our great know-how, we are able to provide a complete network (router, port forwarding for external access, DNS server, VPN server, software and hardware firewall or a honeypot that distracts the attacker from the actual target) stable and powerful to configure.


If you have a problem with your notebook or computer, do not hesitate! In most cases, data recovery is possible. For smaller problems, it is usually not necessary that your problem on the spot needs to be resolved, but can be easily done by remote maintenance.

Web development

Our programmers implement the latest technology with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery. So you are guaranteed maximum optimization for search engines (SEO) and the most popular browsers. As a further service we offer not only web hosting and the administration of your e-mail addresses but also the design and the dispatch of your newsletter.


We deliver customized web solutions for your needs. From the concept to the finished website - your wishes and ideas are paramount. Whether relaunch of an existing page or complete rebuilding ... the finished website complies with the latest standards. On request, we optimize your website in Responsive Web Design, to allow even mobile users the optimal use of your site.

remote maintenance

Remote maintenance is the spatially separate access to IT systems for maintenance and repair purposes.


Linux is safer, more stable and, above all, freer than Windows or Apple.

Consulting: Consulting begins with listening and understanding.

Implementation: We help ideas get on their feet

Operation: "Always" has no decimal place.

Support: Benefit from our Linux know-how.

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